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             Yamba Boarding Kennels & Cattery
                              It's where VETS leave their Pets!


Kennel Hours

    7.30am to 10am

4pm to 6pm

      $80 PENALTY FEE if outside kennel hours

Out of hours by prior arrangement, and only IF available

(Closed Sunday mornings)

Refer to Home Page for Closed Dates


 We DO NOT accept pets with sutures, or those requiring bandage/dressing changes!


All of our kennels provide full protection from the elements, so your dog will be cool in Summer and warm and snug in Winter. Each individual kennel is 10 metres (almost 33ft) in length.


All 31 kennels are large enough to comfortably house at least 2 dogs. Every dog enjoys the luxury of "choice of environment", as each kennel has an indoor sleeping area, an outdoor undercover concrete patio, and a part weatherproof/part sunny outdoor exercise area.


Feel free to bring along any bedding, a coat/jumper and a maximum of 2 toys but please be aware that although all efforts are made to keep track of these items, occasionally some dogs have the power to make them magically disappear, and must go home without them!!      


Do not bring food bowls or water bowls.


To prevent injuries etc, we only board dogs from the same household in the same kennel. Most of our kennels are large enough to accommodate two or more dogs, so enquire about "same family share discounts". 

Each kennel has its own water bowl and bed (either trampoline style or basket style according to your needs), and is well ventilated to prevent disease.


All dogs spend their recreation time at least twice daily, in one of five large exercise yards. These yards are fully fenced for your dog's safety, and even the most determined "digger" can't burrow out!! The yards also provide shade and shelter, and are stocked with balls and a variety of toys for our one-on-one play sessions with your dog.


Please ensure that your dog is regularly wormed and has been treated for fleas in the week prior to admission, and remember to bring your current Vaccination Certificate on the day of arrival as proof of at least a C5.

PLEASE NOTE: We require at least 14 days between boosting and boarding.


If we find evidence of fleas on your dog during its stay, we will treat the dog with a flea rinse, and you will be charged accordingly.


Special diets and/or medical conditions should be discussed with us at the time of booking and a list of any medications given to us upon arrival.


For their own safety, all dogs must arrive and depart either on a leash, or in a crate/carry cage.



As it is very important for us to minimise any stress to existing boarders, caused by excessive noise and/or excitement, we strictly enforce our kennel hours and also DO NOT permit any visits.



Safe  &  Loving  Care  for  your  Pets!!