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Yamba Boarding Kennels & Cattery


Thank You & Congratulations

to Garry and Tina Downes,

owners of Yamba Boarding Kennels & Cattery  

They went well beyond the call of duty helping to find our lost "Rosie", (kelpie x cattle dog), who is a regular visitor to her “holiday home” on Palmers Island.  "Rosie" was spooked by a storm and managed to swim over 1.5kms to Freeburn Island where she stayed for 3 days.  Tina & Garry's efforts of searching for her and Tina’s initiative to use Facebook, enabled "Rosie" to be located, and returned home safe and sound. 18th Nov '13



We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Yamba Boarding Kennels & Cattery as a very professionally run business, with the added bonus of love and attention given to both dogs and cats; which is very reassuring to animal owners.  Rosie’s excitement and tail wagging upon arrival at Yamba Kennels is a great indication of her delight to be there with “Auntie Tina and Uncle Garry”. Lyn Saggers – Yamba, NSW


Oh...Oh. The suitcases are being packed and I know what that means and I get the feeling that I'm not included. Oh well - Looks like I'm off to Tina and Garry's again. It's almost like home where I rule, and at least I can have a break from keeping Mum and Dad amused with my antics. Now I can sit back, be fed and generally spoilt and I will even consent to giving Tina the odd doggy lick. I recommend the service - 5 star all the way. "Bear" - Wooloweyah, NSW


"Kasey" loves going to Yamba Boarding Kennels, it's her second home. She actually runs from our car into the kennels when we pull up. Alan & Ann - Yamba, NSW

We have two lovely cats "Emma" and "Bobcat", and as animal lovers, are very adamant that the kennels/cattery that cares for them when we are away is of the highest standard in both cleanliness and kindness to our "babies". Yamba Boarding Kennels & Cattery is our ONLY choice, as it is the fulfillment of our requirements for a happy, healthy stay for our pets. Rhana & Barry - Yamba, NSW


Several times over the last two and a half years, I have left my cat at Yamba Boarding Kennels & Cattery. She settles in without fuss, quite sure of the care and kindness she will receive while there. The cats' rooms are light and airy and geared for cats' activities - even a shelf at the window with a pillow on it! If your animal is a fussy eater, that is also catered for. I have always felt happy about leaving "Angel" there and when it's time to come home, she settles down immediately. The animals in Tina and Garry's care seem to be treated as part of the family. I happily recommend Yamba Boarding Kennels & Cattery to anyone. Shirley - Lawrence, NSW




Meow...my name is "Candy" and I am an 18 month old Burmese. When my mum, Jan, tells my brother "Minty" and I that we are going on another holiday to visit Tina and Garry, we get very excited. We pack some toys and jump into our cages, as this somehow makes us get there quicker. "Minty" and I are always amazed at how clean our room is - not even a single furball left by previous holiday makers can be found. There is so much to do at Tina and Garry's. Often we just like to relax on a cushion soaking up the sun, or sit high up on a shelf by the window, watching the birds in the garden. If I'm really in holiday mode, I stroll up the ramp to the window to save exerting all that energy by jumping. My favourite part about this holiday resort is when Tina lets us loose in the large playroom where there are BIG scratching trees and more windows to look out of. We just love it in there. Both "Minty" and I have made many friends here; some are regular visitors like us. Sometimes when we catch up on all the gossip, things can get a bit noisy, but Tina and Garry are very patient with us all. At the end of our holiday when our mum, Jan, comes to pick us up, "Minty" and I often ignore her and smooch up to Tina because we just don't want to leave. We walk around one more time and say "see ya next time" to all our friends, as we look forward to returning here soon. My mum has typed this testimonial for me, as I purred what to say, because she gets kinda cranky when I paw at the keyboard. Hope to see you one day.....Meow. "Candy" (&"Minty") - Yamba, NSW  



I have used Yamba Boarding Kennels & Cattery for many years. Firstly for "Casey" (long-haired Chihuahua cross), and currently for "Middy" (Border Terrier). Since Tina and Garry have taken ownership in July 2000, I have found it to be run in a very professional manner. Both hygiene and management of animals are first class - VERY friendly and caring! Bill - Yamba, NSW


For our pet dog "Juffy", this is home away from home. The personal care is wonderful.   Andy & Wendy - Coffs HarbourNSW


Your excellent service is truly appreciated. I know you are the best choice for our "Gem". "Gemma" has been a regular for five years since puppyhood. She becomes so excited as we approach Yamba Boarding Kennels. Eyes fixed, tail wagging, vocalising her delight - a holiday with Garry and Tina, and the company of other canines. In she bounds with barely a goodbye; so happy to see her other family. Is it because Garry and Tina take a personal interest in each dog - DEFINITELY. Is it because of the great food and the exercise/playtime - YES. She comes home relaxed and content, so I know I can entrust her (as precious as she is to us) to the best care with Tina and Garry. Kaye - Maclean, NSW

Hi Tina and Garry - just a short note to say thank you for letting me ("Potsy" the Smithfield Terrier) have a sleepover at your place from time to time. I get so excited when I know I'm coming to your place, that I get yelled at because I won't settle down and I tear around in the back of the car, especially when we turn into your road. I don't get picked on when I stay with you and I have plenty of room to run around in the exercise yards. I think it's always nice and clean and the tucker's good. I know I'm only a little dog but you let me think I'm big. Can't wait to visit you again. (I'd love to have a look through the cattery - it looks very inviting!). Bow Wow for now. "Potsy" - Yamba, NSW

Hi there! My name is "Precious" and I have just woken from a long snooze in my Mum's arms while she has been playing on the computer. The screen has lots of pictures of dogs and cats; this must be the place that my sister "Bernie" has been telling me all about. Apparently from time to time Mum and Dad have to go away for a while and when this happens, "Bernie" says that her sister "Trixie", brother "Studdlie" and herself used to be packed into their carry-cages and taken to a place called Yamba Boarding Kennels & Cattery. This place is like a resort for us spoiled puss-cats, and Uncle Garry and Aunty Tina treated us all like royalty. Since "Trixie" and "Studdlie" went to Puss-Cat Heaven, "Bernie" hasn't been there for any long stays, so I'm excited that we are going soon - sounds great, and that games room looks like it would be a lot of fun for a young girl lke me, 'cause after all - girls just want to have FUN! "Precious" - Yamba, NSW 


Safe  &  Loving  Care   for  Your  Pets!!